Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Car/Motorcycle Expo

I know when all hear the name of Megan they think hard core, inventive, daring, spontaneous, drag racer, fluffy, perpendicular, rock and roll... all of this we know.... so I'm sure none are surprised when they hear I spent the weekend at a Car/Motorcycle Expo.

My brother in law Giovanni built a custom European bike, and entered it into this expo. It is AMAZING! He worked so hard and did SUCH a good job! It is most defiantly one of a kind! Which is why I'm sure he won first place in his division!!! WOOHOO!! We're so happy for he and Stephanie, it was a lot of long hours for both of them.

Any who... Stefano, Myself, Christopher and Erin all went to see his bike along with all the other custom cars, trucks, trailers, and motorcycles. It was great fun, Erin and I were the entertainment for not only ourselves but the vendors that had been there all day. We won two tee-shirts, and they want us to email the pic of us in the shirt to advertise on their website... I don't want to brag but what can I say we're kind of a big deal!:)

We had so much fun going to dinner with Chris and Erin, seeing the bike, and just having fun with them! Love you guys!

Oh and I almost forgot! We had a little competition for who got the best picture of someone "interesting" at the show... I believe I won... it could be because I'm the only one that took pictures.. and it could be because I'm amazing.. I'll let you be the judge!


Vanessa said...

I always knew you were a biker chick at heart!

Britt said...

You are hilarious my friend. Who knew standing in line at Raintree for what seemed like a year would be the blossoming of such a beautiful friendship..... LOL-- I'm so so lame sometimes! Well thank you for my long awaited induction into the wonderful world of blogging! I hope it is everything I expected it to be and more!!!

Paityn and Mark said...

I never mentioned Tristan and Marco because it was a while ago and I wasn't sure if you were with Stef then. Come to think of it I think she was the one that told me you married him, hmmmm! But yes they dated forever! I think over a year or something but she didn't want to distract him from his mission so I am not sure if they write much. He is a sweetie though. We loved having him on our fam trips. I hope they date when he gets back.

The McKell Family said...

Those shows are always so fun!!! I didn't get to go this year, but my grandpa had a few cars in the show.. Anyway looks like you had a blast!!! I love the pic with you guys on the imaginary bike. . . Thats hot!!!

Kari Ann said...

That is pretty impressive that your brother-in-law made that bike...I am impressed! And I can totally see you and Erin entertaining everyone at the show and Chris pretending he didn't know you. How fun!

Mrs. Eliza said...

I think it's cause you're amazing. You are so cute too!!!