Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Gal that "Gets Me"

Chelsea Lou Gardner!!!

*Coolest person you'll ever meet

*Most laugh out loud funny person you'll ever meet.

*The only person who has even CLOse to as cute as feet as I do:)

*She knows how to play her cards right

*Girls Club Original

Happy Birthday Chels!! We love you!


Chelsea said...

Oh wow! A post completely dedicated to me! All I can say is that I MISS ME SOME MEGAN!!! and... my feet are WAY cuter than yours! Mwa! xoxo

Jene and Megan said...

Hey Megan! We are having a hard time with Baby Boy names. They are so much harder than girls..I think. I had a girl name picked out but I never had a boy name. Jene and I have a list of about 8 or so that we like but nothing that we really really like. So, if you have any suggestions, please share!!

Vanessa said...

All I know is you both have way cuter feet than me. :D

Kayla R. said...

ha ha ha love the pic you crazy girly!!!

Mrs. Eliza said...

Ummm...correction are the coolest person I've ever met.