Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back Streets Back ALRIGHT

Well we have left Texas and we're back to Utah. I think this is the longest I've gone without posting........we've had a lot going on which is good!

We're so sad to leave Texas and our amazing friends the Russell's!! We love you guys and can't wait for our fun trip together.... which we WILL be doing:) Love you guys!

us and ALMOST all the russell family... missing a huge part... Tara... (that was ment in a good way NOT a fat joke!!:)

**********************************Tara Ridin solo... love her!

It is so nice to be back in Utah! We missed all our Family and Friends! I'm in school now and I LOVE it!!!! You know you're in the right major when you're excited for class. Stefano is attending the old UVU as well! Wootwoot life is good!

And we're back... that's a wrap!


The Taylors said...
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The Taylors said...

I love the dark hair! It makes me want to go dark! Congrats on being back! School probably feels like a walk through the park after having conquered TEXAS!

Vanessa said...

You live!!!

The McKell Family said...

Thats awesome that you are back in utah!!! I bet that was hard to be away from family, but it sounds like you had fun!! We all need to get together and go to lunch or something!

Sarah (Hill) Prentice said...

Congrats on being back. Utah is pretty good!

Britt said...

Yay! I am so glad you are back!!! I was beginning to wonder if you'd ever be coming home. Glad to hear you're liking school! What major are you in?