Monday, October 20, 2008

The China Doll Breaks Wind at Night Fall

That title is for you Chels:)
Well We've had a lot going on as of late. We had an awesome UEA last week, and did some fun things.
Had a pumpkin carving party
Thriller in SLC
Ranger ridin with Chris and Erin

From left to Right: Syd, Cher, Stefano, Trace, Megan

We had ourselves a little pumpkin carving party it was so fun to just have dinner eat cake and carve pumpkins! Thanks erbody for comin over!!

These girls really freaked me out. I realize I'm 23 and not 12, but they really would scare me. Thriller was awesome love love loved it!!!

We went rangering with Chris, Erin and Cher. We were out in the wilderness with a bunch of deer hunters so Cher and Stefano kept us safe with the neon hats so we wouldn't be mistaken for deer. Although I made a dangerous move and pretended to have antlers.... we're lucky we made it out alive with those antics. Thanks Chris and Erin for a WAY fun time!!!!


Carly said...

You guys look like your having such a fun halloween month! I can't believe you got that close to that deer in your last picture! Love you guys!

Kari Ann said...

Cute hair! I am a little blogger slacker and haven't seen it yet. Halloween is the best!

Morgan said...

i had to read this post twice because as i read part of my mind was stuck on the title, trying to figure it out...

Vanessa said...

Megan oh Megan! I want to carve pumpkins with you and Stefano! Let's do it when I come visit. Even if it is in January. Okay? Okay.

Chelsea said...

My little china doll! I love your keen memory... we have had some good times, most of them are unspeakable things which we must not speak of. This is is why they are considered unspeakable. Also, Stefano carves a good pumpkin! It was hard to tell his apart from the other kids... he is an adult, right? Years later, doctors will determine that I have an IQ of a deranged octopus. What? Uh huh.

The Taylors said...

Did your hubby darken his hair too? I love your dark hair makes me want to go dark.
Sounds like you're having a good time celebrating HALLowEeN! haha I wish I weren't sooo borring!