Thursday, January 15, 2009

reading no required.... you can if you'd like that's why I posted it... but it is more of me thinking out loud.

I love helping people. It is what I want to do for a job. The only problem is my heart truly aches for people who have been through terrible things. I took Sociology of the family last semester and teared up at least 3 times and full out cried once. A girl in my class was part of a group presentation about abuse. She told of being molested by her step grandfather from the time she was 2 YEARS old to the time she was 14. Let me say that again from the age of 2 to 14. When she told this story I couldn't help but cry. He actually molested 8 of her cousins and got her 15 year old cousin pregnant. How is this girl going to go on and lead a normal life? How could she possible feel safe in the arms of a man? HOW could her innocence be robbed of her? She is a stronger person then I will ever be. I went up after class and just hugged her and told her how impressed I was of her strength.

After going home and thinking of all the terrible things that are in the world I wondered if I would ever be able to get over the shock of these types of things. Then I thought I certainly don't want to be desensitized. I never want to hear of someone who has been through awful things and just think well your a dime a dozen (I know I'd never think that heartless.. but you get my point). Then thinking a little more and talking it out I realized I could get to a point where I would be able to morn with them (can't think of a better word then morn) and then get down to business... the helping with the healing. I love my major because I surrounded by people who just want to help others. We're learning together how to help people... that's pre freakin awesome if you ask me. I love that even though I'm hearing a lot of terriable things I then have such good people around me that just want to make things better.
sorry if you read and found it wasn't all that interesting.. this is all.


The McKell Family said...

I didn't now thats what you were studying!! That is awesome!! We need more people like you that want to help others and care for their well being!! I bet that would be a hard thing to do, to hear stories like that. But they have hope from you and other people that want to help! Oh and call me if you all get together and do lunch or hang out!

v a n e s s a said...

Oh Megan... You have such a good heart. Your post made me cry. There's so much evil in the world... thank goodness there are Megans who are willing to help those who have been effected by it.

I heart you Megano!

Logan said...

I love when people find their passion and are pursuing it, which is what you're doing, so congrats! Very inspiring Meg.

Chelsea said...

Megan, who do you think you are, being the nicest person and greatest friend to all??? Sheesh! You are truly made of awesome!!!
P.S. I want to see a duck with a beard. How cute would that be?

Kayla R. said...

Oh wow that was really touching! you are AWESOME!

Kari Ann said...

What a neat girl! I really don't have tolerance for some things, but I guess you can never judge that you don't understand. You are a sweetheart!