Thursday, April 9, 2009

Well Hello There

Well it has been a while hu? I think this is the longest I've gone without posting. Between school school and more school I'm pre full as far as stuff to do goes.

Well the wedding of this year came and went. It was awesome! So unique, and fitting for the bride and the groom.

This was the theme of sorts.....
(everyone who was anyone was wearing wedding party)

These were that cakes.... truly they put the awe in awesome! The picture doesn't do them justice... Marco made them all by his oncey.

and the decor..... It turned out super cool! The
dancing was a blast!


This is my little dude that is currently getting this muff under control.... I felt so mean dropping him off at the groomers.... The lady didn't seem berry nice. I almost turned right around walked out... Then I looked at his his matted hairs.. I had to give him some tough love. He is going to look ridiculous. We let his hair get to long and therefore it got matted... so now we have to shave him down to his nothings. Poor little guy.

You can hardly see his face.. poor hairy little crazy scientist.


v a n e s s a said...

Por fin! The blogging world has missed you!!

Your little Bruzzi is so cute! Harlow currently has one "chicken" leg because when I went out of town Grandma did not brush her once and she got a huge mat right there so they had to shave one leg. haha

I want to see you littlle bald baby!

Jene and Megan said...

Oh your little matted puppy!! cute!

Mari said...

That wedding looks like so much fun! What a great set up. And you must show pictures of your bald little one. Sooo funny.

Nick & Lindsey said...

We miss little Bruce and your hair looks super cute.When can you guys hang out?

The Taylors said...

I seriously looks like your hugging a ball of hair... I can't even tell there's a dog in there.. haha he's cute

Chelsea said...

is it weird that I prefer him all crazy, mad-scientist like???? He looks so cute with perma-bedhead! Bruzzi I heart you!!
(I am assuming he went for a bikini wax after, right??)

The McKell Family said...

Your dog is soooo cute!