Wednesday, July 1, 2009

oh where oh where could you be?

So I've lost my camera..... that's one reason why I have not had much to blog about....posts are just better with pics. I'm going to get a new camera, but for now you 5 people who read my blog are going to have to put up with the poor quality of phone photos.

So next on the list of 'why my blog is lame' is: I'm working all the live long days. Corn has started, and pre much is all consuming.

Stefano works about 16hr days and I'm working more normal but still hard 10 hr days. Also I chopped my hairs... I really like it. It is a little strange not being able to pony up the hair, but still fun to have a new do.

Oh you know we were out selling sweet corn when the rains came... AND I was prepared... one time in the freezing cold rain was enough from me.... I brought out the big guns with the deadliest catch suit.

Again sorry about the quality of photos.

**Well that's all for now folks

until next time.

we out




Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

Love the suit for the rain and also love your hair. Yay for corn all the live long day : )

steph and brent said...

Short is hot. Love it!

paige said...

you are babe-i-licious! love the rain suit, some really nice people must have brought you that. :)

The McKell Family said...

Your hair is so cute!

Jake and Jenna said...

love the hair. short is a fabulous look for you.

Chelsea said...

you are one hot tamale! I want to throw a dollop of daisy on your head. :)
I love it! You always look good!

The Taylors said...

you are too funny. I love your hair... I was begining to believe you were Preggers for you absence from the blogging world.

megan said...

My watermelon was perfect. Thanks for thumpin' it for me. BTW this is megan Erin's sister.
Cute blog

The McKell Family said...

I saw you today!! At your stand! If I wasn't on my way to work I would've stopped and said hello!