Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Blah Blah Blah...

Well I have to admit...... my blog pretty much sucks. I'm sick of seeing "off the juice" so I'm just giving a little update:
Well the day has finally come that we don't have corn... that's Corn with a C not P...:)We found out Thursday morning stefano wouldn't have to work the weekend so we packed up and left that night to st. George and just got back last night. We ate at wing stop twice and swam everyday. PURE BLISS. Ps if you have never partaken of wing stop. do it. ASAP..... tis GENIUS!
I'm back in school which is good. Stefano is going to be leaving for the month of October.....ho hum. He has a job opportunity in California so he'll be working out there for a whole month. Not going to lie, after not having him much for the last three months I pre much broke down when we decided it would best for him to go. BUT the good news is that my fall break is in Oct so I can sneak in a visit to him.
yes we STILL haven't gotten time to go get a new camera. I HATE that we lost it. Freak.
I will go get a new one and take a pic of us doing something amazing.


paige said...

thank you for coming back my friend. it HAS been way too long. glad you survived corn and got to get away to St. George.

we'll have to hang out when you're hubby is gone :( do not fret my pet.

Kayla R. said...

FINALLY ha ha ha!!! Sounds like FUN LOVE st. george!!!

vanessa joie said...

Yay blogs!

And you will have ME to look forward to in October.

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

sad he's leaving for a month! Must be a good job opportunity.

Chelsea said...

I am going to babysit you while Stefano is gone. You will have so much fun, you won't even realize he isn't here!... okay, probably not true, I am sure you will miss you little Italian lumberjack every minute of everyday. Still, I am excited to play with you to help keep you preoccupied! Girlz club!