Sunday, November 22, 2009

back streets back ALRIGHT!!

Well to say the very least I have been a suuuper LAMEO blogger!!!! We haven't been home much in the last month. We've tried to get in as much fun as possible since we pre much have been working straight for 5 months. ANY-WHOO Guess what??? We took pics of the fun had this month... frick yeah (don't hide it I know that's what you're thinkin)

First off we went on a super fun 6 night cruise with Marco and Tristan. It was so nice to get away and just be with husband!!! I don't know if ya'll remember but we were without one another for the month of!!! Needless to say it was nice to be together!

This was on our FOREVER LONG flight... seriously is was the WORST.... we left Halloween night and got their at 4 am Florida time.... it was so sucky... we were a bit loopy by then end of it!

This was our first stop.... key west. We tried the infamous key lime pie... twas delish. We went to a hot sauce store and tried a bunch of different sauces. Stefano tried the hottest that they'll let you try. They have hotter ones that you have to sign a release form to even purchase....hmm... no thanks for me.

Cayman was sweet. By far our favorite stop. We went to stingray city. I was a little nervous at first after all Steve Irwin was killed by a stingray. After a min though you feel totally comfortable. They're the coolest things. After stingray city we went snorkeling it was my first time.... so cool.

Jamaica... hmmm where does one start. Well it was fun, we had a good time..... BUT it was SUPER ghetto! It was a little scary. I never knew how scary it was. I'm glad I went, but I would never go back. This is us at Dunn falls . They had us take the lamest pics but whatever it was till a good time!

Well this was our cruise in a nut shell it was a good time and we're so glad we got to get away finally!!! This is all for now. I have some other stuff, but not as interesting..... until next time this is megan signing off....



vanessa joie said...

Yay you are a blogger again! I want to go on a cruise - it looks like you guys had so much fun!

Lindsay said...

YOU ARE BACK!!!!!! Whew! I was startin to wonder! We did Jamaica and the Dunn falls as well. We stayed at a sandals resort. our resort was nice, but outside of jamaica was alittle scary. Looks like you had so much fun! welcome back

Nakita Ellis said...

What a fun trip. I'm quite jealous! Looks like you had a lot of fun!