Monday, August 2, 2010

new post

So I have a lot on my mind as of late. like.........

  • I can't wait for little man to come to our little family... YAY!!! Will he have hair? How big will he be? So many questions, so much excitement. PLUS I'm becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I can't touch my toes, my feet get swollen... ew fat feet are never hot!

  • I can't wait to be able to go dancing again. Stefano and I love to dance. When we were first dating one of my favorite memories is when we went to a parking lot with a bunch of other people and we danced forever it was so fun, so genius. Not that I can't dance now... oh I can get down BAAAAAAHHHAAAAAAAA.... BUT really there is something ridiculous about a pregnant woman dancing and all I'm really doing is making people laugh which I'm happy to oblige, but i'm ready to get normal person movement back.

oh yes we are busting a move holla :D

  • Another thing I've been thinking about is: how thankful I am that I have an understanding and sympathetic husband. Sometimes you just need someone to feel sorry for you. He is really sweet and cute and funny and nice and I love him. He makes me laugh.

we have fun together. love him:)

  • I'm stressing about baby's room. I've noticed that I really get stressed easy as a pregnant person. I get overwhelmed really quickly. It is a little irritating. BUT GUESS WHAT????!!! I have less then a month to go... HOLLA! Unless little man decides to come late, that would not be ideal........ ho hum.

Well this is all I have for now. I'm almost finished with the baby room... so exciting.. I'll post some pics when I finish.




Jake and Jenna said...

meg, i am so excited for you! a few things that might make you feel better:

1. i don't know if you ever saw the picture on my blog of my swollen ankles and feet. IT WAS HORRIBLE. let's just say that jake had to help me put on my uggs, and THEY LEFT INDENTATIONS on my legs. UGGS! that should give you an idea of how swollen i was, but it went down almost right after goldie was born. THERE IS HOPE!!


2. you better believe jake and i freak danced when i was nine months pregnant. I KNOW YOU CAN GET DOWN!

we'd love to see you guy when we get back. seriously.


vanessa joie said...

Megan! I am very disappointed in you! I wanted a pic of your cute prego belly.

I call a do-over!

But I'm sure you can still bust a move... just a very different move. ;)

bryn said...

remember how you NEVER blog? You are still the best harley girl dancer ever though, that will always be your title! I'm so excited for your little family to get bigger, yay! Hope all is well, miss you!

Chelsea said...

Finally, it has happened to me, right in front of my face and I just cannot hide it!!!

Finally, a new post! Good job, Bob!

This is all.

Oh yeah, get your baby here so we can take pics of them together!