Sunday, May 22, 2011

This little lite o mine

So there have been some changes in the niccoli home. First of which is where it is. We moved. I'm happy and sad at the same time. I loved my little condo. It is the home we came to from our honey moon, we brought our first child there. Dramatic? No I am REALLY sentimentally attached to my house mmmmkay.

See? See? Maybe you don't, but I do. I think it will be good though. Gianni will have plenty of room to roam around. I'm just sayin but he is kind of a big deal. When we went to Seattle for Toni and Abbey's wedding people were diggin the red hairs, and today at Costco a lady came up with her little girl and said look there is the baby with the red hair I was telling you about. I didn't realize red hair was such a novelty. Whateve I love it!

Next on the docket: The wedding. It should be weddings but I took ZERO pics of T and Abbs wedding so I just have Judes and big D's.

That's all for now.




vanessa joie said...

oh my gosh you moved! and you posted this in MAY! and it's JULY. did you move to california??? probably not i guess because if you did and didn't call me i'd be pissed that little g man sure is handsome.

steph, brent, and joaquin said...

I didn't realize G is a redhead, too! Isn't it awesome? I bet you can't go anywhere without someone stopping you to comment, "Look at that red hair!" or "Where'd he get it from?" I actually really enjoy bringing a smile to people's faces and Joaquin loves being social. Thanks for the update! Have fun settling in to your new place!

Brit said...

I didn't know Gianni had red hair either!! I absolutely LOVE it! He is so darn cute. Tell him to stop growing so I can see his childhood years in person. We want to come visit soooooon!xoxo

Brit said...

p.s. The pics made me miss grandview (really just you guys) even more *tear*