Wednesday, October 26, 2011

La De Da De we likes to PARTY!!

My little man had his first birthday. It was a kick your woopie pie good time. G may have had no idea what was going on... BUT maybe he did know. MAYBE he had a hard time sleeping because of his excitement. I'm gonna go ahead and say he was excited for this event:)

First the invite that I made on my dinky outdated computer.... I was proud of how it turned out with limited resources.
next on to the peeps that came
Please excuse my appearance. It was one of those parties that you're still in the same thing you worked all day in until 20mins before erbody is supposed to be there. hence the wet pony. Speaking of appearance I must say I have some good lookin friends and family. PS not sure how my mom and dad got out of the pics, but they were indeed there and I must thank them for saving me by coming early and helping with the last min deets!

I drew this on G's shirt with a fabric pen. It is actually the logo from Stefano's Dad's restaurant. I thought it was appropriate for the occasion.

sorry if this was a picture overload.

thanks for stopping by.




Jessica said...

I LOVED this party. You did SUCH a cute job with it!

marco and tristan said...

Super cute Meg! Every turned out amazing.

Chelsea said...

Everything looks incredible Megano! Looks like a ton of work, but so worth it! I wish we could have been there. How dare someone schedule their wedding the same time as Gianni's celebratory services!
Miss you all.

Unknown said...

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