Friday, January 11, 2008


Twas miss Holly Nelson's bridal shower yesternight. It was a fun filled night with great food, company, and hostest. Thanks for the party Jenna! I think the theme of the night was..... its not what you wear that really matters in life.... its how you take it off that really counts:)

Being married is so awesome, I'm so excited for Holly... she looks so happy, and ready for one of the greatest things to happen to her in this lifetime:)

Holly opeing some sexy gifts:)

Some of the Girls that were at the shower

This was the cutest little boy... each time I took a pic he wanted to be in it :)


Andrew & Jenna said...

i found your blog.....HOORAY!!! send me more of the pictures. i adore you.

The Howards said...

Why hello there my love, im so glad you have a blog how are you?
Love ya Lauren

Our Best Friends said...

So happy to see that you were blogging... I'll probably start one of my own soon after the baby so family and friends can see the little one... Can you believe that I'm going to have a little guy? We just moved to Fresno, CA... Hope you guys are doing great!
-Emily (Boshard) Cleveland