Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tis the Start of something great!

Well I have finally given in and entered the land of blogs. I have been able to enjoy other people's blogs, and with some encouragement I present to you... THE NICCOLI BLOG!
I guess the best thing would be to start off with what we've been up to. Stefano has taken up underwater basket weaving... as well as full time school and working on the side. I continue my life of processing although the market is not at its best. Hopefully in the next month I can become one with loans and restore my processing Chi. I'm also going to climb the mountain of online classes... hmm we'll see. No children on the way (that seems to be the popular question as a new married couple), but we are thinking about getting a gold fish... that issue is still up for debate. About 2 months after getting married Stefano and I got called as Temple workers. Needless to say I was a little more then overwhelmed. I was being called to help people with something that I was completely clueless about... great!!! We had to wait until our lives got back to normal aka wait until corn was over, and then we took the challenge in the middle of September and have been going strong ever since. We work 5 hour nights every Wednesday, and it has been such a blessing in our marriage. I'm not going to lie I have had some sleepless Tuesday nights nervous about getting everything memorized, but now it is smooth sailing. Well that's us in a nut shell, I look forward to posting pics of sweet nothings I do day to day!!!!


Me said...

Pretty blog!!

Red Crew said...

Megan Jackson Niccoli! This is Carly (Runia) Red. How are you? I agree...pretty blog! I haven't talked to you in years probably, but i had heard you married stef, needless to say a perfect match. Eric (my hubby)and I live in Portland, OR these days and have a crazy one year old: Emmett. But i just wanted to say hello and congrats on the marriage!