Monday, April 7, 2008

Megan and Chelsea... The ALL American match makers.

(Thanks for the pic Chelsea lou!!!)

Well, call me what you will, but the first SHOLD be Match Maker.

A little while ago my good good friend Chelsea and I decided that we needed set up my good friend Camille with her brother Christopher. Next thing you know they hit it off and their getting married at the end of August!!! Woot woot! Christopher and Camille showed up at our house last night to tell us the exciting news (we already knew it was coming but it was official last night).

The crazy part is all the connections.

1. My Husband Stefano, Christopher and Chelsea all went to primary together in Valley Center. Where is Valley Center you ask? Exactly my point! What are the odds that they would all live in that same small town in California? I don't know, but I bet they're small.

2. Stefano's little bother Marco served with Christopher in the same mission. Marco actually took Christopher's place as Zone leader when Chrisfer left.

3. Camille and I have been close friends all through high school.

4. Chels and I met through work, and became close friends.

5. Because of connections 3 and 4 Camille and Christopher were set up (although I'm sure they would have found each other anyways.. just crazy how its connected).

I already feel like these people are part of my family.. and now my family is all comin together! I'm so thankful for all parties involved! What an exciting thing! I love you all!!!!


Kayla R. said...

ha ha you guys are funny! I miss camille!!!

Chelsea said...

Woot woot! Indeed we are makers of matches! I am mostly excited because you and I get to split 85% of the wedding gifts for rendering such needed matchmaking services, right? Congrats guys! (and make sure to register for a nice vaccuum, I really could use a new one!) :)

Vanessa said...

Hmmm I've been looking for a good match maker...


The Red Crew said...

hip hip hooray! I haven't seen Camille in so long. Tell her congrats for me and well done to you on the matchmaking skills.

OJ said...

Hey Megs! How is Texas treating you? So Camille is engaged?!? That is so exciting. Oh man, I miss seeing that girl. Tell her I said hi and congrats.