Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Stolen Post!

I really got this idea from Liza..... She listed her top five worst dates. Let’s just say this brought back A LOT of memories of my own worst dates. So I'm going to reminisce upon the dates of old and list MY own top 5 worst dates in no particular order.

Number 1: A boy in my ward asked ME out, he was a cute kid and pre funny so I said yes. Keep in mind he asked me without ANY encouragement from me... this was HIS idea. So on the day of the date he shows up in sweats and a old DIRTY t-shirt. OKAY he doesn't need to be in an Armani suit... BUT COME on maybe throw on some jeans... maybe a clean t-shirt. Either/or.. it doesn't have to be both but a DRITY t-shirt and SWEATS?????????


When we got to the restaurant he asked if we could share a meal because he didn't have the money for us both to eat. I said ya know what that's not a problem kz I'll just have a little bit of whatever you get and all I REALLY want is a diet coke. HE looks at the menu, and then says can we wait until we get to a gas station they're pre expensive here!!!!!!! OH MY goodness... then he didn't even end up paying for his own meal he let his friend do that.

Number 3: Okay my old roommate set me up on a blind date with a lawyer. We went just to eat, and it was an OKAY time. We had just fine conversation, not anything great, not anything bad either. It comes to then end and the bill comes. He excuses himself to go to the bathroom. He is in the bathroom for 20 MINUETS!!!! not 2... 20!!! My mind was racing I was like " did he just sneak out the back and stiff me for the bill". BUT I had been to this restaurant before and I was 76% sure there was no door out the back from where the bathrooms were.. and we were right next to them so I knew he hadn't just slipped by.... but what else could it be? who takes that long in the bathroom on a date? Well he ended up coming back and told me he was having gastrula problems.... hmmmmm what does one say to that?

Number4: I went to conference with a guy in am apt complex. After going we stopped by his patents in Highland on our way home to Provo. I met his family they all seemed nice.....little did I know. First off his parents ask me if I've lived in Utah all my life (they had JUST moved to Utah from California) I braced myself and said "Yes". I knew they would have an opinion about this... I just didn't realize how strong. This is their reaction " WOW you are REALLY sheltered... did you know there is a whole big world outside of Utah"..... Okay I've had people all through collage put down Utah and those of us from Utah.. but this was just a little extreme. I didn't know quite how to react. We started talking about something else and then they asked where something in SLC was.. I didn't know..... oh how I WISHED I had known! They go off... "WOW you are sheltered and you've NEVER been anywhere.. you probably haven't experienced anything" .... I couldn't believe it.. I was this CLOSE to loosing it. I was trying to be respectful. I don't care where they live and if this is such a bad place WHY IN THE WORLD did they move here?

Number 4: this was probably my 3rd date with a guy I liked him but was more on the fence about if I wanted to continue dating. He called and asked me if I wanted to go to lunch with him... I was STARVING, I said sure. He asked where I wanted to go... I said how about Cafe Rio.. he said he'd just been there how about CPK. So we go to CPK, and he doesn’t pick up the menu which thought was weird, but I go ahead and decide what I'm getting. So the waiter comes to get our order. I ordered and then he says he's not getting anything. I was like WHAT why aren't you getting anything.... I just felt a little weird eating all by myself. PLUS why did he say no cafe rio if he wasn't going to eat? So we're talking and he asks if I can do something that night, I had already committed to babysitting for my sister so I said no. Finally my food came and I got about 2 bites into it and he was like okay well I gotta go, and got up to leave. I WAS LIVID. I just looked at him and said "ARe you serious" ..... "why did you ask me to come with you?"..... "You're just going to leave me here to eat by myself" HE felt really dumb and said he would stay, but I had none of it I told him to leave, and next time to call me when he had a min. We never went out again!

Number 5: I'm pre big on cell phone etiquette. I just think there is a time and a place for everything... a first date is one of those places that a cell phone isn't all that appropriate! I went on a date with a young buck.... he answered his cell phone not once.... not twice... but SOLD for three times. I'm just not one of those people that talks on my cell phone while I'm at dinner with anyone let alone a first date.

*** well for those of you that stuck out this WHOLE HUUUUGE blog I commend you! I guess these are just some of the things we must go through to be so thankful each day for our wonderful spouse! Love you Stefano! I'd LOVE to hear some of your worst dates!!!!!!


Logan said...

wow, you have had quite some experiences! I am trying to think of some bad dates... I'm not so sure I want to go there and even remember them though! I admire your courage :)

Vanessa said...

Man, you do attract some stinkers!

paige said...

you make me laugh...even though i've heard most of those stories already, it's fun to re-live them in your words again. you're too funny! i'm glad you found stefano, cuz you surely attracted some freaks before he came along. that seems to happen to very very beautiful girls, i know from personal experience dude.

The Allred's said...

I thought I was the only one that had some pretty bad dates! You are not alone. Thinking about my bad dates makes me so grateful for my Keith! You are awesome Megan! Stefano is lucky to have you!

Rodebacks said...

Wow you have had some pretty awesome dates I thought I had some bad ones but mine don't compare! Props to you for sticking through them!

Mrs. Eliza said...

I feel so honored that you did a post after my post. I'm glad I'm not the only one out there with some bad dates. I love you Megan, and you are very blessed to be out of the single life.

Vanessa said...

My favorite was the one who wouldn't even buy you a coke! Any man, who will deny you a diet coke is not the man for you! Thank goodness you found whathisname! hahaha I think I'm funny.

Chelsea said...

Wow! I love that I already knew every one of those stories, but... aren't you missing one? Isn't there one about a blind date that turned out not to be so blind, then he got in an argument about a baked potatoe with the watiress, then you announced something personal about the tip of your tongue, and then he stole your roomates plate as he drove off into the sunset with women's designer sunglasses on??? Sorry if you were trying to forget the painful past, but if you are remembering bad dates, that should be on the list! LOL! P.S. You are welcome for that date! :)

Jons and Celeste Leigh said...

Oh my goodness! Those are all hilarious! Geez its a good think Stefano finally came around! I seriously can't get over the fact that dude #1 asked if you could wait to get food at the gas station... And twenty minutes in the bathroom man? I would have been looking for a side door to escape out of too. Thanks for a good chuckle!