Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sho Nuf

Rugby Rugby Ruby......

I played in a rugby game on Saturday..... This is how I came out
*********WARNING if you don't want to hear me wine... don't read on**************

  • Two HUGE cat woman scratches on my face

  • Another huge scratch on my back ( I swear cat woman was out there)

  • Jammed finger.... it was huge by the way AND black and blue.

  • Huge bruises all over my body

Some of you are thinking why the freak would you do that to yourself. The answer is.... I'm not sure. It is such a fun game, but I think I've become super weak since I got married. Stefano has spoiled me. I never used to get this hurt. I'm WAY high maintenance now... oh dear. I also think it has to do with I'm holding back... it is time for me to go big or go home.. I need to play all out or cut the cord... this is most unfortunate.

It was stefano's job to take pictures of the game... and I must say he didn't do all that good of a job (sorry babe). He only got one of me wrapping up my jammed finger at half time. ALSO the pic of the catch scratches don't even look nearly as bad in the pic as they really are:(...ho hum this is dumb.


Morgan said...

sheesh. sure wish you had better pictures.

that scratch is an awesome battle wound.

way to go your rugby girl you.

Logan said...

I'm way too much of a wuss to play rugby, although my brother-in-law played for BYU and I love going to the games! So I'm very impressed with you girl.

Vanessa said...

Megan you are so hard core!

I feel like I never talk to you either.

PS- get a puppy! :o)

Carly said...

holy cow, rugby?! your crazy haha. You should have been the one giving all the cat scratches!

Ps griff saw stef at the gym and they mentioned us gettig together! LETS DO IT

Lindsay said...

battle wounds are always good! :) Megs, I would not say that you have become weak being married. Some girls are furocious in those games. Anyways, glad to see you had a fun game!

paige said...

seriously're fired!

i'm glad you didn't get any additional bruises this weekend. sometimes nephews and neices can be brutal...thanks again, you are the best!

Jene and Megan said...

You are a brave girl! I love to play football and stuff but rugby? Wow..that's a rough sport!

John and Kirby Tanner said...

Oh my gosh! I am so glad you found me. Where have you been the last 5 or so years of my life? I am in St. George so if you are ever headed down this way you let me know!!