Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Viewer discretion is advised

Okay I realize I had a warning on my last post but this is a different kind of warning.... tis a language warning... in the picture below there are some harsh words not appropriate for all. If you are offended by words such as hell don't read on:) BUT so I've been told as long as it is in the B.O.M. you're okay to say it. I won't list all of the words...I think you all know what I'm talkin about.

ANYWAYS on to the post:
First this is a sign that was on one of the doors that I knocked on this summer. Let me tell you it was a classy neighborhood. I decided to post it because I was retrieving other gems from my camera phone.

So angry.... I'm sure that's how most of you feel about solicitors, but I just thought it was so funny how angry this person was at me..... he was nice though when I knocked on the door.

HAAAAAAAAAAA HAHA are you guys crazy? I SURELY did NOT knock on that door. I hurried with shaking hands took the pic and ran away:) maybe not that bad but just about.

Next on my list of funny comes in the form on two people on a one person bike. Not so strange I'm sure you're thinking.... but when you add that the girl was sitting monkey style, it becomes a whole lot more funny. Stefano and I were at the stop light right by our house and what comes flying by at 40 mph but a young lad with I'm assuming his Bo on the front of the bike... oh yes you better believe I had stefano chase them down so I could take a pic. I think 1/2 of what made it funny was how fast they were going and all I could see was his back with her little head popping up just looking at us.. YOU ARE WELCOME.... all in the name of the blog:)


Eliza said...

That is halarious!!!! I'm so glad you chased them down. I wanna try riding a bike like that but I wanna be the head popping back looking at you.

(I always called it spider not monkey...hmmm.)

The Taylors said...

It's a good thing you have the camera on your phone when needed!
I didn't see Mormons on that sign...haha just the good old J.W.s!

Morgan said...

what the...
craziness. pure craziness.
thanks for the laugh!

Mari said...

Hi!!! It's your bunco friend! I almost thought I was at the wrong blog because hello... your hair was super blond. Luckily you look TOTALLY AWESOME both ways. Funny blog, can't wait to read more!

Vanessa said...

Oh the J-Dubs. I'm so glad you risked your life to get that picture!

PS I miss ya!

The Scano's said...

wait...That was another guy on that bike...gag me with a stick

The Taylors said...

I never knew you knew Morgan. HOw do you guys know each other? haha that's so funny. It's a small world. Now I know what Megan she was talking about when she was texting me about Bunco.
I totally want to take your pictures. YOu pick the date. Any day works for me except Mondays and Thursdays....we'll want to do it in the evening about 90 mins before the sun goes down. So talk to your hubby and let me know.